Active Without Boundaries Foundation

The Active Without Boundaries Foundation was established as an independent, non-profit, organization operating mainly, but not only, in field of disability. The Foundation has a nationwide reach, and also conducts international activities. The Company’s headquarters are located in Poznań (Wielkopolska, Poland).

The main mission of the Foundation is to promote physical culture, sport and tourism among people with physical disabilities by organizing meetings, training sessions, sport and rehabilitation camps and integration camps. Through its activities, the Foundation aims to break down barriers, activate and fight against the social exclusion of people with disabilities, spread the idea of integration and volunteering on the basis of transferring useful skills. These activities are aimed at children, adolescents and adults. The Active Without Boundaries Foundation bases its projects on winter and summer sports disciplines, such as: adapted alpine skiing, adapted water skiing, adapted wakeboard and wakesurf.

Although the Foundation is a young organization, it is based on the extensive experience of its staff (trainers and instructors of water skiing, alpine skiing, Active Rehabilitation etc.).

The Active Without Boundaries Foundation cooperates with the Sports Rehabilitation Association START, the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań, the Polish Sports Association for the Disabled ”Start”, and the Polish Paralympic Committee.

Number of people who have benefited from our projects since 2018
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