The program is addressed mainly to companies employing people with disabilities and managers, or others who have / will have contact with people with disabilities in their work. The courses are conducted by specialists in the field of disability – incl. disability studies (university employees, active rehabilitation instructors, coaches).

Lectures are individually tailored , but most often include 3-4 hours of seminars and 4-5 hours of workshops.

Training generally covers four areas:

  • introduction to the issue of disability,
  • social perception of disability, integration, inclusion, Universal Design etc.
  • employment of people with disabilities,
  • attitudes and behavior towards people with disabilities.

Thanks to our trainings you will learn what a disability is. What is its definition and types of when to support a person with a disability. You will also learn to distinguish between whether a person is fully independent or needs help.

In addition, the training will include a practical part in which we will demonstrate how to use a wheelchair and other rehabilitation equipment, as well as techniques of direct assistance to people with disabilities.

After completing the course, you and employees of your companies will have appropriate knowledge in the above-mentioned areas. This will raise the standard of services offered by your company, and will also improve its image.

Szkolenia narciarstwo zjazdowe osób niepełnosprawnych monoski


Our training in alpine skiing is aimed at teaching people with physical disabilities to ski (monoski, standing position, visual impairments) and to become fully independent on the slope – from the moment of settling in the ski equipment, ending with the lift to the top without any assistance, and independent skiing. The course is divided into two parts. The first one is a theory lasting several hours, i.e. rules of safety, movement and behavior on the slope, proper selection of equipment and a short demonstration of the appropriate ascent and descent from the ski lift. The second part already includes several days of practical training on the ski slope. Depending on the number of participants (the number of people varies from 6 to 12 people), the driving hours are set. The trainings are organized by specialists in the field of sport and disability, the only licensed skiing instructors for disabled people in Poland (with state papers), and a well-qualified staff of volunteers.


Another group to which alpine skiing trainings are aimed are the youngest with physical disabilities. Skiing lessons on monoski is an excellent form of rehabilitation through sport. It also gives the opportunity to actively spend free time with peers and family, also in winter, on equal opportunities to abled-bodied children. Depending on the needs of children’s skiing training, we organize 2-3 camps every year. The camp usually lasts 7 days. The first day is the arrival of the camp participants, getting acquainted with the staff and the facility, selection of ski equipment. The next 5 days are full training days during which classes in skiing are carried out. Training on the slope takes about 1.5 hours. Each child on the slope exercises individually with an instructor, and is additionally instructed by an instructor moving on a monoski. As part of the afternoon classes, we encourage you to participate in training in wheelchair techniques, ADL, games and sports games. Day 7 is the day of departure. The time of lessons are always adapted to the needs of participants, weather conditions, and the availability of equipment.

Szkolenia narciarstwo zjazdowe osób niepełnosprawnych monoski
Szkolenia narciarstwo zjazdowe osób niepełnosprawnych monoski


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