Śnieg + Adrenalina - narciarstwo zjazdowe osób niepełnosprawnychSnow+Adrenaline? Yes, there is not a single error in this name. It is a program of our foundation, intended for people with physical disabilities, aimed at getting them straight to the ski slopes and encouraging them to try their hand at downhill skiing.

We operate nationwide, so it doesn’t matter where you come from. If you are into extreme sports to some extent, this program is for you. But what is all this fun about? The whole philosophy is in a monoski specially designed for this purpose. It is ski equipment designed for people in wheelchairs. It consists of a metal structure / frame and seat and the necessary outriggers. Currently, there are many types of this equipment (monoski, bisque), in versions for children (Snowball), amateur / recreational, or sports (eg Monoski Bullet). Our many years of experience, including from the introduction of this discipline to Poland and cooperation in the training of the national team, point to Prashberger equipment as the most reliable, professional at the right price. During our camps, each participant receives equipment tailored to the type of dysfunction. Thanks to our highly qualified staff, learning to ski will be a pleasure, and after a few days we guarantee the first independent skiing. In addition to white down, we provide a friendly atmosphere and pleasant moments with us. After the end of the training, most of the participants are fully independent on the ski slope and then there is nothing else to do but conquer the rest of the slopes in Poland, and even abroad. Therefore, do not hesitate, book a free date for the winter season and sign up for our training. Really worth!


H2O + Adrenalina - narciarstwo wodne osób niepełnosprawnychAnother of our programs is H2O + Adrenaline. This time we go down the ski slopes and switch to the water to face water skiing, wakebording or wakesurfing. This sport came to Poland in the 90’s.

For wheelchair users, there is a specially profiled ski with a adapted metal seat. Amputees can try their hand at this sport, with a choice of monoski, kneeboard or adapted ski. Here it is a bit easier, because people after amputee may use the same equipment as able-bodied people.

Our camps are organized in various places in Poland. You do not need to worry about the equipment, because we provide it just like with other programs. Our instructors guarantee great fun and integration in the fresh air.

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